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  • SleepRate Launches ‘Global Sleep Fix’ to Tackle Global Sleep Crisis

    ‘Global Sleep Fix’ Provides World’s First Sleep Improvement Event

  • SleepRate introduces new campaign to solve global sleep crisis

    The ongoing global sleep crisis has led to sleep problems for 75% of the globe.

  • SleepRate and The Sleep Council Call on Employers to Sign Up for a Global Sleep Fix Challenge

    SleepRate, which helps improve sleep for better health, announced its “Global Sleep Fix” challenge.

  • Tackling Staff Productivity, Health & Wellbeing

    Companies are being encouraged to ‘sign-up’ to help their employees improve their sleep.

  • Tackling Staff Productivity, Health & Wellbeing: Getting A Good Night’s Sleep?

    SleepRate announced today to employers its Global Sleep Fix challenge.

  • Hexoskin Now Compatible With Sleep Monitoring App SleepRate

    Good news for those who own the new Hexoskin SMART! Hexoskin is now compatible with SleepRate!